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Do you need to get a payday loan without a check? We offer the best service in the industry. Our goal is to provide quick and easy payday loans with no hassle, no fuss, and no headache. The application process is very simple; there are only two steps involved in getting approved for your loan! Apply now or read more about how we work below!

What is a payday loan?

A payday loan is a small unsecured loan usually for $100 – $1,500. The borrower establishes how much he or she needs and how long to repay the loan in full, and the lender charges a fee for the service. A payday loan can be easily acquired in minutes and has a very quick turnaround time to get you your money when you need it most!

How do I get a payday loan without a check?

If you have bad credit, no credit, past due items on your report such as collection accounts or judgments, etc., then how to get a payday loan without a check may not be possible with traditional lenders. Payday loans are sometimes called “cash advance”, “paycheck advance”, “deferred deposit” or “same day loans”.

What are the requirements to get a payday loan?

To avoid any complications, how to get a payday loan without a check requires that you have proof of income. This can be your pay stub for your current job, proof of disability benefits if you are disabled, proof of unemployment benefits if unemployed, or other proof that shows how much money you earn per month.

You will also need an active checking account so the lender can electronically withdraw the funds. Finally, you must be over 18 years old and legally allowed to work in America (most applicants worldwide meet these requirements).

How do I apply for how to get a payday loan without a check?

Applying online is easy! Simply fill out our two-page form with how much you need, how long it will take you to repay the loan in full, and how often we can withdraw money from your account. By entering some basic personal information such as your income, current employer name, and address, etc. we can start the approval process right away!

We have a team of dedicated representatives waiting for any questions or concerns that might come up during this process so feel free to call us at anytime day or night!

Need more info on how to get a payday loan without a check? Give us a call today at PaydayloanHelpers! We’re here Monday – Friday 9 AM – 8 PM EST and Saturday 10 AM – 3 EST ready to help you with how to get a payday loan without a check!


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