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Are you looking for Installment loans in Louisiana? PaydayloanHelpers is here to help. We offer Installment loans that can be used as a short-term solution when the need arises. Our Installment loans are quick and easy, so it’s never been easier to get your money! 

What is an installment loans?

An Installment Loan is a loan that has to be paid back in two or more pay periods. Loans are different from payday loans because they are repaid over time rather than all at once. Loans are given out for more significant amounts, with higher interest rates, and often require collateral of some kind.

Our Installment Loans can be used for anything that would typically fit into the category of affording something you need now but aren’t able to afford at this present moment. This Loan is meant as a short-term solution only.

What do I need to apply?

It’s really easy! We have our lending network, so there is no need to go anywhere else! You don’t need to have any pre-qualifications or anything like that; you are the one who gets to decide how much Installment Loan money you would like.

You can apply for Loans with PaydayloanHelpers online with your computer, tablet, or smartphone! You simply fill out an application and get an instant response (in most cases). Once approved, we’ll connect you with a lender in the area who will work directly with you to repay your Loan.

How do I repay my Installment Loans?

The way, amount, and time you pay back Installment Loans is entirely up to you and the lender that works on your behalf. At PaydayloanHelpers, we want to make sure you can work with the lender to develop a repayment schedule that works for both parties.

Loans are meant as short-term loans, so if it helps your situation, the lender might be flexible and let you pay back Loans over a more extended period of time

Where can I apply?

You can apply for an Installment Loan at PaydayloanHelpers! We have relationships with lenders all over the area, so chances are good there is one near you. You can also fill out a quick application on our website and choose an  Loan Lender online! It’s that easy.

How will I know once my Installment Loan has been approved?

Once you have been approved for Installment Loans, you will receive a phone call from the lender that has been chosen to work with you on your Loan. They’ll go over some of the details of your Loan and get to know more about you and what you need from an Loan.

How do I select an Installment Loan Lender?

The great thing about PaydayloanHelpers is that we have relationships with Installment loan lenders all over Louisiana. This means if one nearby isn’t available, chances are good there’s another one nearby or someone who can connect you with a lender in a different state if necessary.


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