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PaydayloanHelpers is a payday installment loans lender that offers payday installment loans and payday lending services.

We specialize in payday loan types such as payday advances, personal payday loans, and payroll advance lump-sum payday loans. If you’re looking for low-interest rates or fast cash, we can help!

What are payday installment loans?

Payday installment loans are payday loan types offered by payday lenders, such as, which can be used to fund your next purchase or pay for unexpected expenses.

A payday installment loan is a short-term, high-interest rate payday loan that allows you to repay the funds over an extended period of time rather than all at once on your payday.

How do they work?

Payday installment loans work by allowing customers to borrow a lump sum payday loan amount, typically ranging from $100-$1000, and repay the funds in multiple payments over an extended period of time rather than all at once on payday.

These payday installment loans have high-interest rates, which can range anywhere from 300% – 2500%. The typical repayment term for these payday installment loans is between two weeks and six months, depending on how much you borrow.

Where can I go to apply for a loan, and what is the process like?

To apply for payday installment loans, you can visit our website at and click the ‘apply now button where you will be redirected to a quick, easy, and secure payday loan application that only takes minutes to fill out!

Once your payday installment loan is approved, we’ll deposit the funds right into your bank account on your next available payday, making it fast cash in hand without waiting days or weeks!

Tips on how to maintain your credit score while paying back your loan:

  • Always pay payday installment loan back on time and in full.
  • Downgrading to a payday loan with less favorable terms, such as higher interest rates, is never advised, especially if you have financial problems or struggles.
  • If you feel that you won’t be able to make the payment at any point during your repayment period, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance through our live chat feature!

We’re always here, ready, willing, and able to help customers who need emergency payday installments loans whenever they come up!

FAQs | Payday Installment Loans

Q: What are payday installment loans?

PaydayloanHelpers offer a payday installment loan to fund your next purchase or pay for unexpected expenses. A payday installment loan is repaid in multiple installments over an extended period of time rather than all at once on payday, making them much more affordable and manageable!

Q: Do I need good credit to get approved?

No, you don’t need excellent credit to qualify for our high approval rate with no credit check payday installment loan.

As long as you have proof of income, such as W-two forms and bank statements that show steady funds coming into your account every month, then we can help regardless of past payment history or bad credit scores!

Q: How much can I borrow?

Payday loan lenders offer payday loans ranging from $100-$1000! These are typically one-month payday loans, but if you need extra time to repay the funds we also have an extended repayment period that will allow you up to six months for payment depending on how much money is owed.

Q: Will my bank statement show a payday loan lender name once my funds are deposited into my account?

No, your bank statement won’t reflect any reference of our company or details about your personal information when the deposit occurs as it is done through direct electronic deposit, which makes privacy and discretion top priorities for online companies such as ours!



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