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Many payday loan consolidation companies exist, but PaydayloanHelpers is different. They specialize in helping people get out of payday loans and consolidate them into one payment they can afford to pay back over time. 

PaydayloanHelpers 3-Step Process

If you have payday loans at multiple different payday loan consolidation companies, then the process is pretty simple:

1) Establish contact with the company

2) Create an account

3) Submit your application. 

Depending on how fast payday loan consolidation companies can verify your information, you may get approved within minutes, or it could take a few days. You will know immediately. 

Payday Loan Consolidation Company

A payday loan consolidation company is a payday lender specializing in payday loans that help loan borrowers take out a single payday loan to pay off several different payday loans. 

Payday loans are small advances on your paycheck provided by companies so you can get you through from one payday until the next, either for emergencies or unexpected expenditures.

Sometimes people find themselves with more payday loans than they thought possible. This is where payday loan consolidation companies come in to help these payday loan borrowers consolidate their payday loans into one manageable payment.

Why are payday loan consolidation companies better for payday loan borrowers?

The best benefit to using payday loan consolidation companies is that you only have to make one payday loan payment each payday instead of several.

This allows you to budget your money more effectively to get on a more solid financial footing. There are fewer opportunities to miss a payment or be late since there is just one payday loan company involved, which means more periodic fees and interest are charged overtime.

How do payday loan consolidation companies work?

When you submit your payday loan application through PaydayloanHelpers, they will help you determine which payday lenders they can consolidate with and then run your information against their database of pre-approved customers.

If payday lenders approve your application, then the payday loan consolidation company will send you an email or give you a call letting you know that payday lenders would like to work with you.

You then choose which payday lender you prefer and move forward from there, either setting up an installment payment plan or taking out a single payday loan for the payday loan consolidation company to consolidate all of your payday loans into one monthly payment.

The best thing about using PaydayloanHelpers is that they have years of experience working with multiple payday loan companies and payday loan consolidation companies. They know who will accept your payday loans and payday loan consolidation company.

Are payday loans challenging to consolidate?

Many payday loan borrowers are confused about whether their payday loans are difficult to consolidate, but this is a common misconception.

All payday loans can be reduced with a payday loan consolidation company because there is no extra paperwork needed in most cases when you consolidate your payday loans with a payday loan consolidation company. All payday loans can be consolidated, regardless of the payday lender who currently holds your payday loans.

How much money could I save with a payday loan consolidation company?

You should expect to save at least several hundred dollars in fees and interest over time when you consolidate payday loans through a payday loan consolidation company.

The amount of money you save will depend on how many different payday lenders there are and their payday loan rates. If payday lenders approve your payday loans, they will let you know how much the money they want to consolidate payday loans for and the interest for this payday loan consolidation company.

How long does it take to consolidate payday loans with a payday loan consolidation company?

Suppose payday lenders approve your payday loan application. In that case, most payday loan consolidation companies can provide you with an estimated timeframe of how long it will take before you receive your consolidated payday loan.

It may take payday lenders up to three days before payday loan consolidation company payday loans are approved and sent to your doorstep. Keep in mind that this timeframe is only an estimate; payday lenders could approve the payday loan application sooner.


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