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If you need title loans in Colorado, we can help. Our title loans service is fast and easy to apply for. We use a simple application process that will take only minutes of your time! Best of all, our title loans rates are some of the lowest around! Apply now and get title loan approval right away.

What are title loans?

Title loans, also known as title Pawns, title pawns, or title Pockets, are a title lending service that allows borrowers to use the title of their car as collateral for a title loan. The title serves as security against the loan until it is paid off. Once you have title loan repayment, your title will be returned to you without having to pay any fees or excess money. You can then end our agreement and keep your car!

What documents do I need?

The main document needed by PaydayloanHelpers to give you title loan approval is an active driver’s license with proof of residence matching the address listed on the application. In addition, we require copies of all pages from your vehicle’s title and proof of insurance. Title loan applicants must also reside at their listed home address for a minimum of 1 year, usually more.

How does title loan repayment work?

Title loans are due in title Loan installments once you have title loan approval. The title loan amount will be the value of your vehicle or 50% of its fair market value, whichever is less.

Title loan installment payments are repaid over an agreed-upon time frame which ranges from 3 to 12 months. Title Pawns can be paid off earlier with no penalty if the customer pays the outstanding title pawn balance plus any accrued interest and fees. Once all conditions have been met, our company will remove all title lien records from your credit report free of charge!

What if I lose my title loan?

If you lose your title loan before it is repaid in title loan installments, the title loan will be considered past due, and a title lien will automatically attach. We may have to repossess your vehicle without advance notice. To avoid this from happening, please take all necessary precautions by providing PaydayloanHelpers with a current, active cell phone number that we can reach you at an emergency or any other important issue come up.

Apply now and get title loan approval right away!


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