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Do you need some quick cash? Are you looking for title loans in Massachusetts? If so, then we may be the lender that can help. We offer title loans to those who live in Massachusetts and have a vehicle title as collateral. All you need is to fill out our online application form and provide basic information such as your contact details and employment status. Once approved, we will collect your car title from the lending company of your choice and bring it back to us at one of our convenient locations across MA!

What is a title loans?

Most people have heard of other types of title loans. For example, a cash title loan is essentially the same as a title loan, except it allows you to use your car title instead of other assets such as stocks or an apartment building title. In that case, the title is used to secure the funds (the lender keeps it in their possession), and then once they are repaid with interest, you get it back!

Title Loans vs. Personal Loans

The significant difference between title loans and personal loans is that loans are secured with your vehicle title while most personal loans are unsecured. Another critical difference between these two investments (which ultimately decide how much you can borrow) is that with an unsecured mortgage or personal loan, you can’t borrow more than 80% of the actual value of your title. If you have a title worth $7,000 and only need a few thousand dollars, then loans are going to be better for you because you can borrow up to 100% of the title’s value while personal loans cap at 80%.

What is required from me?

To obtain a title loan in Massachusetts with us, all you need is a car title from an auto lender in good standing, proof of income within the last two months, and a valid state/government-issued photo ID. The vehicle must also be insured in your name and have an active registration.

Once you’re approved for a loan, we’ll come to pick the title up from wherever it is needed (which is often the title lender of your choice), and you’ll get the funds in your hand immediately. Our loans do not involve any paperwork either, so it is relatively quick and easy!

Why choose us?

PaydayloanHelpers is one of the top title lenders in Massachusetts. We have many title loan locations throughout MA, some of which offer extended hours for convenience. We are an established loan company with excellent customer support that will help you through every step of the process. When you’re looking for title loans in MA, look no further!


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