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Auto title loans in Texas can be a great way of covering unexpected expenses. Texas has few regulations for short-term loans. This loophole is used by many businesses to charge high fees and increase their APRs to the triple digits. For those who are in financial trouble, title loans can be a great option. They can be accommodating. If the fees are not paid, you could lose your vehicle.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau no longer requires lenders to evaluate your ability to repay a loan. This could result in falling into a debt cycle. It is important to carefully examine your finances and decide if the loan amount fits within your budget.

Before you take out a short-term loan

High-interest rates and high fees could lead to a vicious circle of debt. This includes auto title loans and installment loans, as well as payday loans. Borrowers may end up getting another loan to repay the first.

Consider other loan options before you apply for a quick-term loan.

  • Resources. Many charities and non-profits in the area offer financial assistance and assistance with rent, food, and utilities for those most in need.,
  • Payment extensions. Talk to your bill provider if you are late on payments.

Where can you find a Texas auto loan?

You can find auto title lenders in Texas in many locations, especially in big cities like Dallas, Austin, and Houston. Even if your home is not in a central metropolitan area, you will likely find an auto title loan shop nearby. Because of the rapid rise in short-term loans, this is possible.

You can apply online for a title loan at many stores. Then you can visit the store to have your vehicle inspected. This will make it easier to obtain the money you need faster and speed up the loan process.

There aren’t many online lenders. An inspection will be done on your vehicle if it is being repossessed. Before getting approved for a loan, most auto title lenders require you to visit a lot.

How can I get an auto loan online for Texas?

Although you can apply online to auto title loans, you won’t complete the application in person.

Each lender has its process. These steps are the most common.

  1. Compare your options to the table.
  2. All the details you have about your vehicle and yourself should be included in the application.
  3. Wait for a response from an expert on loan terms and rates.
  4. Set a car inspection appointment.
  5. Any documents you have to show the lender.
  6. Has your car been inspected?
  7. You will be credited with your funds once you have submitted your application.

When visiting a provider’s site, always verify that you have applied via a secure website and followed Texas law.

What laws govern auto title loans in Texas?

Texas has very few regulations for auto title loans. The interest rate cap was set at 10%. However, you’ll find many lenders are Credit Access Businesses or CABs. These businesses facilitate loans between borrowers and lenders that aren’t regulated. It shouldn’t surprise you to see your APR in triple digits. Texas has no cap on fees lenders may charge. They are approximately $23 per $100 borrowed.

Other notable laws include:

  • The maximum term limit is 180 days. The full term for a single loan is 180 days, including renewals or rollovers.
  • Texas license required to provide and facilitate auto title loans. Texas must license both lenders and CABs.
  • Unregulated repossession. Lenders do not have to notify you or obtain a court order before they can repossess your vehicle.
  • It is crucial to define the terms of your loan clearly. Texas law requires lenders to disclose all terms and conditions, including renewal costs and interest charges.

There are laws in some cities that regulate auto title loans. These ordinances may prohibit lenders from operating within certain areas or require that loan amounts are determined according to income. Check your local laws to ensure your lender is operating legally in your city or state.

Why is the interest rate so high

Auto title loan providers in Texas can avoid the Texas usury regulations by acting as Credit Access Businesses (CABs). These CABs serve as intermediaries between borrowers and third-party lenders. The lenders do not charge higher interest rates than the 10% legal limit for the loan. However, the CABs charge high fees to arrange the loan. This loophole means that Texas auto title loan borrowers will end up paying triple-digit interest rates.

Your APR would be approximately 192% if you borrowed $10,000 from an auto lender at a 10% interest rate and a $23 average charge per $100 borrowed. Your lender would owe $12.453.96 for a 60-day loan. The APR on payday loans is usually lower than those for auto loans, but the final amount you owe can still be very high.

Texas auto loan requirements

Texas has no requirements. To be eligible for auto title loans, however, you must still meet the basic needs.

  • A car title without any lien is available.
  • Valid driver’s license or state ID are required.
  • Minimum 18 years old

Before you can apply for a loan, there might be some requirements.

Consider these alternatives before you apply for an Auto Title Loan.

A costly auto title loan could be dangerous if you don’t have enough money to pay it back on time or face high interest rates. You could save money by opting for an auto title loan that’s often less expensive and more affordable.

  • Resources. Nonprofits, local governments agencies, and charities often offer financial services free of charge and help with utilities and food for those most in need.
  • Loans from friends and family
  • Installment loan. Available online and from local lending institutions, these installment loans offer a more extended repayment period and lower interest rates than auto title loans. Installment loans are a great way to improve your credit score. Many installment loan providers report repayments directly to the credit bureau.

Bottom line

When you’re in financial difficulty, auto title loans are easy to get. If the loan is not paid on time, it can make your financial situation worse. Because Texas has no regulations, these short-term loans can be very costly. 

If you don’t repay the loan in six months, your lender could repossess your car without notice. These loans can be helpful in an emergency but should not be used to solve long-term financial problems.

Commonly asked questions

What is the maximum length I can roll over my loan for?

No. No. You could end up paying more fees, and the title loan price may increase. If you aren’t sure you can repay your loan in the most lenders provided, you might consider other options.

Title loans in Texas: What laws apply

Title loans in Texas are governed by Title 5 SSSS 393.001-393.282828 of the Texas Finance Code. Some cities have regulations for short-term lending.

What law regulates Credit Access Bureaus

Businesses can register as Credit Services Organization Act (CSO) CABs. They facilitate loans between you and a lender rather than lending directly.

What happens to my loan if it isn’t paid on time?

The lender may decide to repossess your vehicle. Texas has no laws concerning repossession. To begin repossession, your lender won’t need to notify the court or get a warrant from the court.

The lender will bear all costs associated with repossession, including fees for rekeying your vehicle and placing it up for auction.

Texas law requires that you pay the excess money at auction by the lender if it does not cover your loan cost. Your lender must pay you any extra money it receives over your loan cost.


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