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Title loans are a type of secured loan that Utah residents may not be familiar with. During the purchase of your vehicle, you will receive a car title. 

3 Simple Steps

Here’s how to get your cash 1

Call or Click

It is very easy. You can apply online or over the phone.

Submit Info

Send documents by 4 p.m. PST to receive your cash that day 3.

Make Your Money!

You can have money sent to your bank account, or you can pick it up at a participating location.

Utah residents can get title loans.

Utah is one of the snowiest states in the nation. Utah residents should be concerned about their finances. What are some ways to guarantee cash in case you need it? It’s easier than you might think. Secured loans such as title loans can be your answer to quick funding when facing a snowstorm in payments.

Utah residents can get secured loans like title loans

  • The repayment period is between 12 and 48 months.
  • There are no unexpected penalties for early payments
  • Applicants are encouraged to apply for available loans for all credit types, including those with bad credit.
  • There are many more!

Utah Residents and Title Loans 

Are you interested? That’s great! We then need a few simple documents from Utah residents. These documents include a government ID and proof of residency, income proof, photos of your vehicle, and the car’s title (or a copy). These are the three steps to follow once you have everything you need:

  1. Can be applied for by phone, online, or through our mobile app
  2. All documents can be sent to us by email, text, or in person. You may receive approval fast1
  3. You have time to decide how you want to be paid. This can be by check, electronic transfer, or stopping by one of the participating stores.

Do you have any questions? You can call us or visit a participating store to get more information. You don’t need to make an appointment for Title Loans in Utah. All you have to do is bring the documents, and we will get you the fast money you require 1.


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